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Dishwasher Magnet Clean / Dirty Sign, Easy to Read, Rust-Proof and Stain-Proof Acrylic Kitchen Gadget, With Easy Glide Shutter & Scratch Proof Pads, For Home or Office Use, Perfect Gift

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Product Features:

✔ SOLVES YOUR “DIRTY OR CLEAN” DISHWASHER PROBLEM --- Put a stop to the unending question, “are these dishes dirty or clean?”. The Clean/Dirty Dishwasher Magnet by Vila will end this ‘dish confusion’ once and for all. This functional sign will always make you aware whether the dishes are clean or dirty.

✔ STYLISH WITH EASY GLIDE SHUTTER --- This kitchen gadget has an advanced engineered shutter with perfect tension that can be moved from one side to another so you could enjoy the smooth touch experience. The dirty/clean indicator sticks perfectly to any magnetic dishwasher. Its colors and shape will add elegance to your kitchen.

✔ STAYS IN PLACE & EASY TO READ --- With strong industrial magnets covered with scratch proof pads, it doesn’t move around your dishwasher. Letters are in bold, clear, won’t fade and can be read from a distance. Also, The word ‘DIRTY’ is displayed in the red color while ‘CLEAN’ in the green color. Its perfect size of 7” x 2” with the 2 color differentiation makes it easily noticeable.

✔ RUST-PROOF, STAIN-PROOF, DISHWASHER SAFE --- Made from the durable acrylic material, it doesn’t rust or stain. The magnet at the back of the sign is covered with soft silica. Hence, it doesn’t leave any marks on your dishwasher and keeps the dishwasher’s surface scratch-free.

✔ IDEAL CHOICE FOR HOME OR OFFICE AND GIFT --- This Dishwasher sign gives a light, humorous atmosphere to any household or office organization without missing the point. You can use it for your laundry, oven/Microwave, kitchen cabinet or in your office kitchens. 

Product Description:

The Unresolved Kitchen Mystery!

In a world of multitasking, sometimes the littlest of things can cause frustrations. In our daily lives, we encounter people who would put a dirty mug in a pile of clean dishes. Job repetition? Is it a regular scene at your home as well, right? There are some instances when you thought you have been helping by washing the dishes only to find out half way that they have been cleaned. You didn’t just waste resources, you also wasted time. It is also tiring to always ask and always hear other people ask, “Are these clean or dirty?”<br><br>

Sniff Test? Never Again!

If you are all fed-up going through the daily routine of poking through dishes and sniffing them just to know if they are clean or not, Magnet Dishwasher by Vila is the solution to end all these trivial things that irritate you. It is a great kitchen helper that can tell everyone whether the dishes are clean or not even at a glance. This premium quality acrylic sign is so easy to install with its strong magnets. It gives you a perfect tension as you glide through but stays firm in its position. This durable handy tool is designed to last long as it doesn’t rust or stain.<br><br>

Can I Gift this Dishwasher magnet?

Magnet Dishwasher by Vila is a simple yet effective way to end the greatest kitchen dilemma. Your friends and family will surely love this too so don’t forget to have its additional pieces in hand. This can be a great present to your mother on Mother’s day or on her birthday, to your friends or neighbors at the bridal shower, or to your friends on Christmas or any other occasion.<br><br>


Pro-Kitchen Tips:

Attach to the dishwasher and slide the magnet to DIRTY as soon as dishes are unloaded and once you have begun the dishwasher cycle, slide to CLEAN. This is to gently tell your kids, significant other or officemates that they are welcome to put the newly cleaned dishes away for you.<br><br>

Product Specifications:

- Size: 7” x 2” inches<br>

- Material: Acrylic<br>

- Color: Green, Red and Black<br><br>