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Digital PH and TDS Meter Set - Batteries included

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Digital PH and TDS Meter Set by SunGrow - Highly accurate readings - Lightweight, portable & Easy to read LCD screen: Monitor hydroponics, aquarium, fruit, tap water, pool water - Batteries included

  • TWO IN ONE SOLUTION--- This Ph and TDS combo meter will give you the best of both worlds in one device. This SunGrow pack includes electrodes and components needed to test both the pH and TDS of any water solution. It’s easy to use and less equipment to deal with than two separate devices.
  • ENERGY SAVING, LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE DEVICES--- This PH and TDS meter has a handheld pen-type design of hardly 1.7 oz weight, which is lightweight and portable. It comes with a handy case that you can easily slip into a backpack or work bag if you need to bring it with you. The meter shuts off automatically after 10 minutes of nonuse to conserve batteries. (BATTERIES INCLUDED)
  • CALIBRATION SCREWDRIVER INCLUDED--- These meters have been factory-calibrated and are designed to stay consistent. However, if you need to recalibrate your meter from time to time, or you want to calibrate for different applications, you can easily use the screwdriver calibration tool included for continued accurate readings of your water. The TDS meter is most accurate when calibrated as close as possible to the sample to be tested.
  • HIGHLY ACCURATE READINGS--- Precisely measure and monitor the levels in your aquarium, or other water. The SunGrow Ph and TDS meter will give you extremely accurate readings of the Ph levels and Total Dissolved Solid within ± 2% range.
  • MULTI USE MEASURING TOOL--- This little tool is a valuable instrument for keeping tabs on various bodies of water. You can use it to make sure the levels in your freshwater or saltwater aquarium are safe and optimal for your fish, test water in a laboratory, keep a tab on the correct levels for your hydroponically grown vegetables. You can also test swimming pool, tap water and spa water.

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