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Create Beautiful Moss Wall with Luffy Plant Net

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Create Beautiful Moss Wall with Luffy Plant Net -- Natural-looking Backdrop for Fish Tank - Multifunctional and Easy To Install - Aesthetically appealing moss floor 

  • CREATE AN AMAZING MOSS WALL OR CARPET IN TANK --- Luffy Plant Net by SunGrow allows you to create an amazing natural backdrop using aquatic moss. Moss normally grows faster on the walls because there’s less possibility to have its light blocked by other materials and fish. But, this shouldn’t prevent you from creating a lush moss floor if you want it.
  • SECURES PLANTS AND AVOIDS MESSY LEAVES --- Tiny leaves create a mess in your tank and sometimes create even more mess when they are just seated on the bottom as they grow. Avoid all these by creating a java moss wall to keep everything clean. Plant net assures to secure plants turning a mess to a beautiful background. This works well with Luffy Java Plant Moss by SunGrow and other plant mosses like Riccia and Pellia to various decos such as driftwood, rock and wire mesh.
  • FLEXIBLE & WOVEN MATERIAL --- You will receive a plastic woven mesh which is semi-rigid in nature making it flexible. Welds are not needed when you wish to break it. To secure your moss inside the net, simply use a fishing thread which is invisible to the visual eye.
  • EASY INSTALLATION --- Use it as it is or cut the mesh into two (if needed) where you want your wall to be. Fold in half and simply stuff the moss in between. Secure the net with fishing thread at one corner and make it go around and securely tie the knot in the other end. Once the moss propagates in few weeks and covers all the spaces, you will have a natural looking backdrop wall.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL --- Aside from building a beautiful aquarium backdrop, Luffy Plant Net by Sungrow can also be used as Tank Divider to ensure two fishes won’t fight. It can be used as Algae Scrubber Filter material, Shade and even as ramps for semi-aquatic animals such as crustaceans, amphibians, and turtles.

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