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Cozy and Attractive Leopard Print Pet Bed - Easy to Clean Plush Luxury Lounge Bed

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Cozy and Attractive Leopard Print Pet Bed by SunGrow - Easy to Clean Plush Luxury Lounge Bed - Conveniently sized at 20”x19”x5” to provide Comfort and Security to Small or Medium Sized Cats and Dogs

  • TRENDY, ATTRACTIVE LEOPARD PRINT PET BED --- Along with being a practical addition to your home, the luxurious pet bed has a soft tan interior with a classy leopard print exterior. This subtle and sophisticated color combination blends flawlessly into any decor. Add a colorful pillow to the bed for a fun splash of color.
  • HELPS KEEP FUR AND DANDER OFF FURNITURE --- Who doesn’t love a comfortable spot to curl up and take a nap? By providing your lovable pet with their very own lounge bed, you are helping to prevent them from laying on your chairs, sofa and bed. Without the fur and dander on your furniture, all your friends and family (even those with allergies or an aversion to fur) feel welcome in your home.
  • SAFE, CONVENIENT AND COMFORTABLE --- Made with an ultra soft cotton/polyester blend and a comfy plush filling, the SunGrow Leopard Print Pet Bed is a fantastic addition to any loving pet owner’s home. Safe for pets and people to sleep on and enjoy; having a pet bed brings your family closer. The high quality craftsmanship, attention to detail and pet friendly design are what make this luscious pet lounge so special.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT, PORTABLE, & PERFECTLY SIZED FOR POPULAR BREEDS --- At an ideal size of approximately 20” (51cm) square and 5” (13cm) deep, the stylish Leopard Print Pet Bed from SunGrow fits beautifully inside your dog’s kennel or at the foot of your bed. Lightweight and portable, this chaise lounge for small to medium sized pets is great for travelling and makes your dog or cat feel safe and secure by bringing along a piece of home.
  • QUICK AND EASY TO WASH AND DRY --- For small blemish on your low maintenance SunGrow Pet Bed, simply spot clean by blotting with water and soap and letting air dry. Every so often, it may be necessary for a more in-depth cleaning. The pet lounger can conveniently be washed in your standard washer and then air dried.

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