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Collapsible Cat Tunnel - Interactive Play Toy

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Collapsible Cat Tunnel --- Interactive Play Toy with Peep Hole and Crinkle Ball - For Hiding, Hunting and Resting - Confidence Booster & Health enhancer - Ideal for Multi-cat and Independent Play

  • ENCOURAGES HEALTHY & FUN PLAY TIME --- An active cat is always a happy cat. The 2-way Cat Tunnel by SunGrow will surely make your kitties healthy in a fun way. They will be able to stretch their muscles as they run while being curious and excited about what’s on the other side. This can be used for playdates and also works well for some independent play. Let your furry pal toss, roll, and kick either for solo exploration or along with his pals.
  • HUNT & NAP SANCTUARY --- Your high-spirited kitties simply love to play by hiding things. Exploration is a natural instinct for them. Mysterious and enclosed spaces gives them a sense of security from predators as they hunt for their prey---the small crinkle ball tied at the end of the tube. This tunnel has a peep hole for an additional adventure. Once they feel the need to have a breather after an active play, they will use this as a sanctuary for a nice and rejuvenating nap.
  • PROTECTS PET OWNERS AND HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE FROM SCRATCHES --- One of cat owner’s daily struggle is that this furry creature loves to scratch so much. Every corner and furniture inside his territory simply cannot escape his claws. Unintentionally, even during your playtime together, you can be the object to satisfy his urges to scratch. With this tube, he can scratch a whole tunnel stretch without hurting anyone.
  • BOOSTS CAT’S SELF-CONFIDENCE --- A growing kitten goes through a phase of shyness as it slowly develops its confidence. The sense of protection that this tube gives help builds confidence. Gradually, he would step out of this so-called hiding spot and start navigating around. It takes more confidence to do so, but the natural instinct to explore with the help of this tunnel will increase his comfort level.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT, COLLAPSIBLE & PORTABLE --- Lightweight and easy to carry, you can place this anywhere for either indoor or outdoor fun. Also quick to install, it is collapsible and can provide excitement to your cats in matter of seconds. Once you decide to call it a day, you can just fold flat and pack quickly.

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