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Coconut Shell House for Hamsters, Mice, Rats & Gerbils

Coconut Shell House for Hamsters, Mice, Rats & Gerbils

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Coconut Shell House for Hamsters --- Pet Hiding House - The Perfect Hidey Hole for Mice, Rats, Gerbils - Adds Natural Look to their Home - 100% Natural, Eco-Friendly Climber or Chew Toy

  • LARGE COCONUT HIDEOUT FOR HAMSTERS --- Measuring between 14-16”, the SunGrow Hamster Cage can fit two small pets inside. Watch as your cuddly little hamsters play hide-and-seek taking shelter in this natural coconut husk, with a carved out entrance hole. It’s the perfect hiding spot for hamsters and other small pets to play in.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY HAMSTER HIDING SPOT --- Instead of using plastic tunnels or other artificial toys in your hamsters or other small pets’ cage, use this eco-friendly, 100% natural hamster house. Provide a warm, safe and cosy home for your little friends to take shelter or play in. There are no chemicals, toxins or dangerous pieces for your pets to accidentally ingest.
  • GIVE YOUR PETS PEACE OF MIND --- Sometimes your little furry pets will want to escape to a nice, dark and quiet place of their own. This coconut house is dark and spacious, it provides the perfect place for hamsters to go to sleep in, de-stress and enjoy some quiet time away from the hamster wheel or other distractions.
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL SMALL PETS --- This coconut husk will fit small pets like mice, rats, gerbils, chinchillas, hamsters, lizards, hermit crabs, spiders, snails or even small snakes if you happen to own one. The environment is nice and calming for all these pets and you can place it anywhere in your animals cage.
  • PERFECT FOR CLIMBING OR CHEWING --- Little pets love to scramble and climb over different surfaces, especially when they have a rough textured feel to them. This can help with mental and physical stimulation for small pets. Your pets can also chew on these durable coconut shells which is great for their teeth and oral health.

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