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Cat Bowl with Stand - Suitable Eating Height for Pets – Easy Cleaning for You – Eco-Friendly, Raised Food Bowl – Stress-Free Meal time for Your Cats - Stoneware Feeding Station

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Cat bowl with stand --- Suitable eating height for pets – Easy cleaning for you – Eco-friendly, raised food bowl – Stress-free meal time for your cats - Stoneware feeding station

What’s not to love when you have your cat purring to your return. They will have an enjoyable time eating in this SunGrow Elevated Cat Food Bowl. Make no mistake, cats lower their heads to eat, naturally, their stomach will be settled higher than their heads do so. Therefore, the risk of back flow is higher on them and it will be more stressful for your cat(s) to dine every single time. Why stress your babies out? 

Standing 4.3” in height and measures 3” in broadness, its a bowl made just for your cat(s). The bowl depth is specifically designed to serve a suited food measurement for your adorable furry creatures. So get ready to feed a perfect meal portion with each serve. These raised feeding stations help improve your cute furries appetite. They can swallow food easily without stress. In turn, it prevents bloating, vomiting, and choking.

You won’t even have to do much cleaning giving you and your little furry pets to enjoy a stress-free dining experience. Materials adopted are able to survive through your dishwasher and microwave handling. If you chose to hand-wash the bowl itself, the clear white surround lets you to see through the dirt and stains effortlessly.

The stoneware material grant an easy pass to last through the seasons. One of the best materials used for your feline being that it doesn’t absorb odors from the food you prepare as plastics do. The odors will only discourage them to drink and/or eat from it.

Naturally befitting for your purring feline.

  • AWAY WITH THE CAT’S INDIGESTION --- These raised feeding stations help improve your cute furries’ appetite. They can swallow food easily without stress because the raised food bowl are way better in comparison to the normal feeding bowl. In turn, it prevents bloating, vomiting, and choking.
  • A RELAXED EATING HEIGHT --- The product is made as such especially for your cat to enjoy their meal without lowering their head to reach for their food. So its less stressful for your cats to devour their favorites smoothly.
  • AVOID EXPENSIVE MEDICAL CARE FOR YOUR PETS --- The raised bowl helps improve the posture of your furry animals that are prone to straining of the bone, joint, hip, shoulder, and neck areas especially on aging cats or the one with severe arthritis problems and ones that are suffering from Intervertebral disc diseases.
  • ANTI-ODOR ABSORPTION THAN ORDINARY PLASTIC BOWLS --- The stoneware materials used doesn’t absorb odors from the food prepared whereas plastic body do and this will discourage your cat(s) from drinking and/or eating from it. Also stoneware has a high resistance to bacterial growth so you won’t have to scrub every inch clean.
  • DISHWASHER & MICROWAVE SAFE --- Made specifically plain and white for your convenience. The white exterior and interior allows you to see the stains clearly so you can clean the bowl efficiently. Made from natural stoneware that allows it to last through the seasons. You would have no problems with heating up the food in the microwave. Just chuck it in your dishwasher when your cats are done and you are good to go.

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