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SunGrow Rope Perch for Parrots, 1.5 Meter Long, Bungee Bird Toy, Brightly Colored Handmade Chew Toy, Spiral Design with Jingling Bell, Ideal for Relaxing, Improves Balance, Coordination and Agility

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Brightly Colored Handmade Eco Friendly SunGrow Rope Perch and Chew Toy for Birds - Ideal for Relaxing or Working on Balance and Agility

  • BRIGHT, MULTI-COLORED DESIGN --- The super fun, brightly colored SunGrow Rope Perch and Chew Toy for Birds adds a vibrant beauty and creative flair to your pet bird’s cage and your home.
  • ENTERTAINING SPIRAL DESIGN WITH JINGLING BELL --- The coiled spiral design of the SunGrow Rope Perch and Chew Toy, keeps pet birds entertained while the gently jingling bell on the end brings even more enjoyment.
  • SAFE, NONTOXIC AND BITE RESISTANT --- Small and large birds, both like to peck, poke and check out their surroundings; this gentle and reliable rope perch is also a convenient chew toy for your parrot, parakeet or cockatiel.
  • STRONG, ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY MATERIAL --- Handmade using wood and cotton rope completely surrounding a sturdy iron wire, the material is safe for your pet and the ecosystem.
  • GENTLE ON TALONS AND CLAWS --- The soft cotton blend used to make the SunGrow Perch and Chew Toy is tender on your bird’s talons making it a comfortable resting place when he wants to take a break.

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