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SunGrow Clear Bowl Aquarium, 1 Gallon, Classic Bowl for Bettas, Create Ideal Centerpieces for Weddings and Other Occasions, 360° View of Aquarium, Centerpiece, or Terrarium, Perfect for Office

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Incredibly Durable, Non Toxic Borosilicate Glass Luffy Marimo Bowl : Easy to Care for : Clear Bubble Bowl for Underwater Terrariums and Decorative Centerpieces

  • PERFECT FOR MARIMO MOSS AQUARIUMS --- Customize your very own unique Marimo moss terrarium with the safe, sturdy Luffy Marimo Glass Bowl. Its shape, size and non toxic material make it a perfect home for rare Marimo moss.
  • WORKS FOR AN ARRAY OF DIY PROJECTS --- Along with being used as a Marimo moss aquarium, the glass Luffy Marimo Bowl can be used for a variety of ‘do it yourself’ projects such as floral displays, decorative centerpieces, aquatic terrariums and jewelry vessels. The common shape and convenient size of the Luffy Marimo Bubble Bowl (a height of 5”, abdomen diameter of 6” and a 4” opening) works perfectly as a centerpiece for special occasions such as weddings, showers and birthdays.
  • HIGH QUALITY, RENOWNED BOROSILICATE GLASS --- Used to manufacture kitchen glassware, scientific instruments and aquariums, incredibly durable borosilicate glass is resistant to corrosion and extreme temperatures. It is also non toxic and is more likely to crack than shatter if dropped. So it’s safer than an average glass bowl.
  • EXTREMELY LOW MAINTENANCE AND EASY TO CLEAN --- The crystal clear glass surface of the Luffy Marimo Bubble Bowl requires very little maintenance and is quite easy to simply wipe away curious little fingerprints from the exterior of the bowl.
  • VERSATILE AND CAN BE USED REPEATEDLY --- The simple yet versatile borosilicate glass Luffy Marimo Bowl can be used as a fun, kid friendly project at home and then if the need arises, the bowl can quickly be emptied and used for something different like the home of a new family pet.


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