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SunGrow Moss Cotton Thread, 20 Meters, Dark Green Color Similar to Willow Moss, Dissolves Eventually, Securely Attaches Floating Plants

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Biodegradable Moss Cotton Thread - Natural Plant String by SunGrow - Dissolves leaving Moss and Ferns anchored to Rocks and Driftwood - 65 feet long Dark Green Thread - Color similar to willow moss

  • SECURELY ATTACHES FLOATING PLANTS TO DRIFTWOOD --- Many species of moss, ferns and other lightweight aquatic plants are considered floating plants and need to be anchored down to prevent them from floating away. SunGrow Moss Cotton string securely ties plants to driftwood and rocks in your tank or aquarium. At a length of 65 feet (20 meters), the green thread can be cut into smaller pieces to suit your specific needs.
  • NATURALLY DISSOLVES LEAVING NO RESIDUE --- After tying your moss securely to a rock or piece of driftwood and dropping it to the bottom of your tank, it will (over time) completely dissolve leaving no trace that it was ever there. By the time the Moss Cotton disintegrates, the plant is completely anchored down and won’t float away.
  • DARK GREEN COLOR BLENDS INTO ITS ENVIRONMENT --- In a rich, mossy green color, the inconspicuous cotton plant string from SunGrow blends in flawlessly with your beautiful underwater habitat. The hue matches living moss and plants allowing you to recreate a realistic environment as close as possible to Mother Nature.
  • SAFE FOR BOTH AQUATIC PLANTS & PETS --- Made with 100% all natural, biodegradable cotton thread, the SunGrow Cotton string for moss is absolutely safe for all types of aquatic pets and plants. Commonly used to tie down Willow Moss, Java Moss, duckweed and more, the innovative plant string can be placed in shrimp tanks, community fish aquariums and water terrariums.
  • A VARIETY OF OTHER CREATIVE USES --- Along with filling your aquarium or water plant tank with incredible greenery, there are a few other ways to creatively use this all-natural cotton thread such as securing young vines to trellis to a unique, artistic pattern. It can also be used as a string to hold helium-filled, environmentally-friendly balloons; because it is biodegradable it will have minimal impact on nature.

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