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Biochemical Sponge Center Betta Filter for Aquarium

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Biochemical Sponge Betta Filter for Aquarium by SunGrow - High efficiency filtration breaks down toxic waste - Allows colonization of nitrifying bacteria - Slow current - Suitable for fry & small fish
  • NO NOISE AND ENERGY SAVING--- The SunGrow biochemical cotton filter is noiseless. Only requiring an air pump and airline tubing (sold separately) to work. These create numerous minute bubbles for increased oxygen flow.
  • COTTON SPONGE ALLOWS FINE FILTRATION LEAVING THE WATER CRYSTAL CLEAR--- As the water passes through the pores, the sponge will trap debris from your tank, leaving the water crystal clear. It is very efficient and will break down toxic waste from the tank.
  • IMPROVE WATER QUALITY WITH NITRIFYING BACTERIA--- The sponge filter’s pores have a large surface area where aerobic bacteria can propagate. Cultivating the nitrifying bacteria, will give you superior biological filtration in your tank.
  • SAFE FOR BETTA, FRY AND OTHER SMALL FISH--- Betta, fry and other small fish will NEVER get sucked up into the filter. The slow current from this filter is ideal when breeding and spawning discus, dwarf cichlids, guppies, and killifish.
  • EASY TO WASH & REUSE---The sponge can be used multiple times. Instead of tap water, use water from the tank, to clean it, when doing water change. Tap water does not harm the filter, but the chlorinated tap water can kill the helpful nitrifying bacteria that have formed in the sponge media. Simply rinse and squeeze a few times over until you see the water run clear from the sponge. If you need to repeat this process, it means the filter is doing its job in catching debris and other toxic waste.

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