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Beef-flavored Dog Toothpaste: Make Tooth Brushing a Joyful Experience, Reduce Plaque & Dog Approved, 1 Pack

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Beef-flavored Dog Toothpaste -- Turn tooth brushing into a Joyful experience - Safe to Swallow - Fights bad breath, Plaque & Tartar - Prevent Gum Disease - Free from toxic Foaming agent

  • RID YOUR DOG’S MOUTH OF BAD BREATH --- Don’t fear the kiss! Get rid of doggy breath with help of SunGrow DogStory Toothpaste and let your dog give you a kiss daily!
  • REDUCE GUM DISEASE --- Keep your dog's mouth healthy and happy with SunGrow Dogstory Toothpaste - it’s easy to use and it ensures that your dog has a perfect oral health.
  • HEALTHY AS WELL AS TASTY --- Don’t struggle when it comes to brushing their teeth. Dogs love the taste of SunGrow Dogstory Toothpaste. So you don’t have to fight with your pooch to get their teeth clean!
  • REDUCE TARTAR BUILD-UP --- Your dog uses their mouth for pretty much everything, which can result is a thick buildup of tartar. Clean it properly with SunGrow Dogstory Toothpaste!

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