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Automatic Drinking Water Fountain for Pets

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Automatic Drinking Water Fountain for Pets -- Easy Reach, Safe Use Drinking Dish for Dogs, Cats by SunGrow - 1 Gallon Capacity, Filtration System - Ideal for Beagles, Labradors & Calicos

  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND CONVENIENTLY SIZED --- Made with durable BPA-free plastic, the lightweight SunGrow Automatic Drinking Water Fountain is perfect for small to medium sized pets. This easy-to-use drinking fountain is 11” x 12” (28cm x 31cm) and stands approximately 6” (16cm) high, conveniently sized for dogs, cats and even rabbits. With a water capacity of 1 gallon (4 liters) and 59” (150 cm) cord length, your pet has fresh drinking water all day long.
  • FREE FALLING STREAM ENCOURAGES DRINKING --- Using an effective filtration system and resourceful waterfall effect, the amazing Automatic Drinking Fountain from SunGrow has dual free-falling streams constantly recirculating water. Flowing water is more fun for pets to drink and adds oxygen and freshness to water, encouraging your pets to drink more essential, filtered water. The low power water pump is soundless so there is no distraction when you switch on the filter.
  • INCREASED HYDRATION PREVENTS ILLNESSES --- Having access to fresh, filtered water is vital to a healthy and happy pet. Increased hydration helps to prevent illnesses such as urinary and kidney diseases, particularly important for older pets. The constant circulation of water inhibits the growth of bacteria, ensuring that your pet is drinking safe, fresh water.
  • RELIABLE FILTRATION SYSTEM FOR HIGH QUALITY WATER-- The practical and efficient Automatic Pet Water Fountain from SunGrow has a built-in, dual filter, columnar granular filtration system. It improves the quality of your pet’s drinking water by removing impurities. The carbon activated cotton filter is replaceable and works by absorbing basic water contaminants providing your pet with safe, better tasting drinking water. And you can even regulate the water flow.
  • ULTRA LOW POWER TO SAVE IN ENERGY COSTS --- The consistent flowing of water is crucial to the effectiveness of SunGrow’s Automatic Pet Water Fountain; therefore, it has been designed to use minimal power, saving you in energy costs while remaining highly productive. The plastic water dish requires a meager 2 watts of power and comes equipped with a power outlet adaptable to different countries and regions.

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