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Aquarium Shelf - Extra Level for Substrate and Live Plants

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Aquarium Shelf --- Extra Level for Substrate and Live Plants - Crystal Clear Transparent Ledge - 100% Safe for All Fish - Holds up to 5 Pounds - Made of Strong Acrylic

  • AMAZING AQUARIUM SHELF SYSTEM --- With this shelf system you can add an extra bit of interest, and eye-catching pieces to your aquarium. You can create an illusion of floating plants or fairy castles for a fantasy themed tank.
  • CREATE AN EXTRA LEVEL FOR SUBSTRATE AND LIVE PLANTS --- Use the transparent acrylic shelf for placing colorful substrate as decoration, or live plants. If you place the shelf near the surface you can even plants herbs like basil or sage right inside your aquarium. .
  • USE FOR STORAGE SHELF ON OUTSIDE OF AQUARIUM --- By attaching the acrylic shelf to the outside of the aquarium you can even use it as a small storage area. Place fish food, algae scraper and other aquarium accessories on the ledge for easy access.
  • EXTRA STRONG SHELF CAN HOLD UP TO 5 LBS --- This shelf is made from extra strong plexiglass (strong acrylic). It can hold up to 5 pounds of weight and is completely safe for all your fish and marine life. The crystal clear surface will be invisible and discreet inside your tank.
  • EASILY ATTACHABLE TO THE WALLS OF YOUR TANK --- This plexiglass aquarium shelf includes 2 strong suction cups that can be easily attached to your tank. Decide if you want to place this near the substrate or surface of the water or even attach to the outside as per your convenience.

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