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Aquarium Magnetic Glass Cleaner

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Aquarium Magnetic Glass Cleaner -- Strong Magnet facilitates easy Algae Removal - Keeps your hands Dry, contamination-free - Floating inside brush stays Gravel-free - Makes for Scratch-Free cleaning

  • REMOVES TOUGH ALGAE EASILY --- Magnetic Aquarium Cleaner by SunGrow cleans and scum off the inside of your aquarium in fun and easy way! Super strong, attracting magnets, stick the two parts of the cleaner together through your aquarium's glass. As you move the outer magnet, the inside magnet follows, hence cleans the glass and removes even the most stubborn algae easily.
  • EXPERIENCE DRY AQUARIUM CLEANING WITH NO MESS --- Say goodbye to awkward long-handed tools and avoid getting your hands wet while cleaning your aquarium. By using this revolutionary cleaner, you don’t need to dunk your whole arm into the tank.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN & EASY TO USE --- Elegantly and ergonomically designed, this cleaner’s inside brush will not sink into the farthest depths of fish tank as it is floating. This is definitely easy to operate because of its buoyancy making it still float even if you guide it around the corners. The inner part also has angular edge to avoid accidental damage to the silicon seals of the aquarium.
  • ANTI-SCRATCH & NON-SLIP MAGNETIC AQUARIUM GLASS CLEANER --- Has highly efficient cleaning brush that stays free of sand or gravel which prevents scratching. Handle is also non-slip which helps in the effective cleaning action.
  • PRODUCT SIZE THAT WORKS WELL ON SMALL AND LARGE AQUARIUMS --- Size is 58x35x32cm and can be used in small to large aquariums with varying glass thicknesses. Cleaning off the algae and scum is easy and fun and it is also a job well done.

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