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Aquarium Kit - One

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1. Anti-stress Betta Net - Routine Tank Maintenance made easy -- Anti-stress Betta Net - Durable nylon net prevent pulling fish scales - Transparent net do not scare fish - Hook on handle tail calls for easy storage
2. 2 Aquarium Water Change Gloves by SunGrow (20") - Keep hands & arms dry, allergen- and contamination-free during Fish tank maintenance: Elastic forearm seal and prevent leaks: Heavy-duty construction
3. 50 SunGrow Mini Catappa Leaves - Best way to create Tropical rainforest environment for Betta & Gouramis - Leaf tannin turns water yellow, lowers pH naturally - Boosts health and breeding chances
4. SunGrow Mineral Rocks - Promote Breeding for Fish : Boost Immunity by Providing Calcium: Absorb Toxic Chemical in Water: For Fish & Other Aquatic Pets
5. SunGrow Anti-bacterial Fish Remedy : Healthier & Happier Fish in just 3 days : Specifically designed for Gram-Positive Bacteria : Easy to Use

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