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Aquarium equilibrium sustainer Co2 Bubble Counter

  • $5.90

Aquarium equilibrium sustainer Co2 Bubble Counter - Accurate monitoring of Co2 dosing - Keep Aquarium plants healthy - Prevents fish stress - Includes suction cup - Made from strong durable material

  • ENABLES ACCURATE MONITORING OF C02 DOSING --- The Rhinox Co2 bubble counter lets you gauge the amount of carbon dioxide present in the aquarium. An outlet and inlet control is extended from the bubble counter that allows you to attach tubing. The inlet of water from the tubing will produce the bubble which you can estimate to monitor the amount of Co2 in your tank.
  • COMPACT, FITS MINI TANKS, AND SIMPLE TO USE--- This mini C02 bubble counter is perfect for smaller tanks and aquariums. Unlike larger more complex systems, this is a simple and straightforward bubble counter that will help keep your fish tank healthy.
  • INCLUDES SUCTION CUP FOR VERTICAL SURFACE ATTACHMENT--- This bubble counter comes with a strong suction cup, that can be easily attached to the glass or acrylic walls of your aquarium.
  • MADE OF STRONG AND DURABLE ACRYLIC /ABS--- ABS (Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene) is an opaque thermoplastic polymer material. It offers resistance to heat and chemicals and can also withstand very low temperatures.
  • KEEP AQUARIUM PLANTS HEALTHY--- By making sure your aquarium is getting the correct amount of c02, you will ensure that your plants and marine life thrive and grow.

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