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Aquarium Algae Cleaning Razor

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Aquarium Algae Cleaning Razor -- Keep hands dry & contamination-free - Stainless steel design ensures corrosion resistance - Removable and replaceable blade

  • SUITABLE FOR GLASS AQUARIUMS --- The algae cleaning razor is sharp, yet it will not damage your glass aquarium in anyway. You can simply scrape off all the unwanted algae, leaving the glass pristine and scratch-free.
  • REMOVES EVEN THE MOST STUBBORN ALGAE & PROTECT PETS --- The unique design of this razor cleaner will cut through and remove even the most stubborn algae. Even if you have been neglecting to clean the algae, this metal scraper will give your tank a fast makeover, leaving it clean and clear. Furthermore, the regular tank cleaning protects pets from diseases.
  • REPLACEABLE RAZOR BLADE --- If you find that the razor blade is not doing its job as well as before, you can remove and replace the blade with a brand new, sharp blade to scrape off any slimy gook from your tank.
  • TWO BONUS HANDLES INCLUDED FOR EXTRA LENGTH --- Easily screw on the two additional pieces to lengthen the handle, at maximum length it measures 25.5 inches. This handle will save your entire arm from getting wet next time you clean the algae from your tank.
  • STAINLESS STEEL HEAVY-DUTY CONSTRUCTION --- The scraper is made out of stainless steel which is completely resistant to any rust or corrosion. Use this metal scraper for years to come.

Buy 10 Blade Refills for Algae Cleaning Razor

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