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AquaPad Waterproof Notepad for Aquarium Wall

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AquaPad Waterproof Notepad for Aquarium Wall -- Convenient 7.5”x5” To-do Notebook with Recyclable Paper - Easily Adheres to Suction Cups Even if the surface is wet - Works with any pen or pencil

  • SECURELY ATTACHES WITH INCLUDED SUCTION CUPS --- Included with your SunGrow AquaPad are two reliable plastic suction cups that securely adhere to a clean, smooth surface such as your fish tank walls, bathroom wall or any other surface. Once you wipe the surface clean and dry, simply press the plastic suckers against the wall and your notebook stays firmly in place even in wet or humid environments.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY, WATERPROOF PAPER --- Recyclable and environment-friendly, the innovative paper used in this Notepad is waterproof and doesn’t sog or wet like any standard paper. If any water splashes onto your notepad, it will simply bead up and roll off. This amazing notebook comes with 40 sheets of perforated paper. And the best part is, any pen or pencil works great on it. So you do not have to shell off that extra buck to buy any special pen to write on it.
  • HIGHLY VISIBLE FOR IMPORTANT REMINDERS --- At a practical size of 7.5” x 5” (19.1cm x 12.7cm), the convenient waterproof pad can be placed on your fish tank without taking away from the underwater aesthetic. Never forget to change your tank’s filter or water again by jotting a quick reminder on the AquaPad for Aquarium Walls from SunGrow.
  • IDEAL FOR ALL TYPES OF AQUARIUMS & TERRARIUMS --- Designed with aquatic pet owners in mind, this waterproof writing pad from SunGrow fits flawlessly on your fish tank or reptile terrarium. It is an excellent way to remind yourself on what date and time to sprinkle some food into your fish tank for your guppies, mollies or oscars or when you have to feed your turtle, iguana or snake.
  • VALUABLE IN OTHER WET ENVIRONMENTS --- Along with being highly beneficial when placed onto your aquarium wall, the durable, weatherproof AquaPad is extremely valuable in many other situations such as writing in the rain while camping or hiking, relaxing in a boat and on construction sites. Use it as a shower notepad or as a gift of an incredible all-weather notebook to the outdoorsman or military members in your life.

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