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Anubias - Beautiful Plastic Aquarium Plant

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Beautiful Plastic Aquarium Plant Set by SunGrow: Vibrant bright Green: Life-like & Attractive for your tank: Non- toxic & Safe for all Fish & pets : Easy to clean : Zero maintenance : No CO2 needed

  • NATURALISTIC LOOK BASED ON ACTUAL PLANTS --- With a realistic appearance and natural movement, the 10” (25cm) tall SunGrow Plastic Leaf Plant is a perfect addition to spaces where live plants won’t survive.
  • LOW MAINTENANCE, EASY TO CLEAN --- Unlike live plants, the low maintenance SunGrow Plastic Leaf Plant requires no oxygen or fertilizer. The smooth surface is also very easy to wipe and keep clean.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY AND LOW COST --- The practical and beautiful SunGrow Plastic Leaf Plant is created using an environmentally friendly process that removes secondary production and additional costs.
  • PRE-COLORED INJECTION MOLDED PLASTIC --- The innovative and cost efficient molded-in color technology used in the Plastic Leaf Plant by SunGrow preserves the vibrant green color even in harsh environments.
  • HEAVY DUTY CERAMIC BASE --- Securely held in place by a heavy duty ceramic base, the lightweight and lifelike leaves on the SunGrow Plastic Leaf Plant are free to sway and move naturally in the water.

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