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Anti-stress Betta Net - Durable nylon net

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Routine Tank Maintenance made easy -- Anti-stress Betta Net - Durable nylon net prevent pulling fish scales - Transparent net do not scare fish - Hook on handle tail calls for easy storage

  • Less stress for your fish and you --- The fine mesh netting intertwines together to give you a much easier and more enjoyable time capturing your fish or any unwanted objects in your fish tank.
  • Cheap and affordable --- For anyone who owns or takes care of home aquariums would know that maintenance doesn’t come cheaply or effortlessly. But picture owning a flexible and sturdy tool that’s perfect for all your aquarium cleaning needs at a great price. It’s a bargain AND a lifesaver!
  • Durable, lush handle --- The superior plastic coating that frames the neck of the net offers an overall sturdier grip, and the cushiony soft padding wrapped around the handle allows for a smooth and comfortable grip.
  • Refined mesh netting for smoother flow --- Made out of a soft, close-knit mesh and delicate nylon that prevents discomfort for the fishes when capturing. The fine netting endorses smooth and fluid, natural movements through your aquarium’s water without a hitch.
  • Not just a single use object! --- This mesh netting is not made just to capture your fish. You can also use it to remove or separate undesirable debris and impurities from your tank such as extra food and excess decoration.

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