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Air Stone Bars (4 pc) - Produces Bubbles, Aeration, Oxygen & Water Movement - Easy to Connect Bubble Bars - 100% Safe Non Toxic Mineral for Pets - for Optimal Health of Guppies, Shrimp & Mollies

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  • ✔ ADDS VITAL OXYGEN TO YOUR TANK --- All living things (humans, animals, plants) need oxygen to live. There are a few ways to add essential oxygen to an aquarium without disrupting the current environment. The SunGrow Air Stone Bars gradually diffuse air into your tank, providing vital oxygen for your fish and plants to breathe.
  • ✔ EASY TO CONNECT TO AIR PUMP --- The important and effective Air Stone Bars from SunGrow easily connect to your current air pump with standard aquarium tubing. As long as your air pump is 2 watts or more, the single head airstone will produce a steady stream of bubbles that add essential air to your tank and regulate your CO2 levels.
  • ✔ LEAK-PROOF CONNECTION WITH STANDARD AQUARIUM TUBE --- In order to properly and effectively connect the air stone to the air pump, use standard 0.16” (4mm) inner diameter aquarium tube. This will ensure that there are no air leaks and that the air stone is working at its highest capacity.
  • ✔ REGULAR MAINTENANCE LENGTHENS LIFE --- After a few months of use, the air stone will begin to get clogged. To lengthen the life of your airstone, pull it out once a month and clean it with a toothbrush. This will remove the clogged debris and allow the airstone to continue working for many more months. Once the stone completely stops working, it is time to replace it.
  • ✔ MADE OF NON-TOXIC PET SAFE MATERIAL --- These 4 air stones bars offered by SunGrow are made with high quality, non-toxic mineral material that is safe for your aquatic pets and plants. Limestone and other porous stones successfully and safely diffuse your aquarium water and produces oxygen and air bubbles for your pets.

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