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6 Pack Cat Toys

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6 Pack Cat Toys -- Increases Stimulation - Keeps pet Mentally & Physically Fit - Relieves boredom & stress - Prevents unwanted behavior - Gives Hours of Fun

  • COMBO PACK OF YOUR CAT’s FAVORITE TOYS --- The Combo Pack Cat Toys by SunGrow is an ultimate collection of six unique toys designed to keep your cats busy and interested. This contains toys for hunting and foraging. A pack full of surprises awaits your pets as he/she plays around with various toys i.e. fiber-made mouse, Mylar Crinkle, Plastic Bell ball, Rope ball, EVA Rainbow ball and a feather wand.
  • KEEPS YOUR CATS MENTALLY AND PHYSICALLY STIMULATED --- Cats are natural predators and it’s necessary for them to have activities for regular mental & physical stimulation. When you decide to take care of a pet, remember that they heavily depend on their owners to provide them the best environment and things to play and explore on. So, providing your cats with interactive toys, satisfy their need for stimulation.
  • HELPS BOOST CONFIDENCE AND TRUST --- Cats too have different personalities. Some are too shy to even play with other cats. You can help your cats build confidence by slowly introducing interactive toys. Always praise them once they are able to catch the prey (toy) as you regularly play with them. Constant praises do not only give them confidence but also it encourages them to develop their trust in you as a friend.
  • RELIEVES BOREDOM AND FIGHTS STRESS --- One of the main causes of cat’s unwanted behaviour is boredom. When bored, they engage themselves in annoying acts such as biting & scratching furniture, urinating in different places and manifests aggression towards other animals and humans. They need to be kept entertained and engaged all the time because they are natural explorers. Playing with them and constant interaction also helps lower their high-stress levels.
  • PERFECT GIFT SET FOR CAT LOVERS --- This unique and wonderful toy collection will be appreciated by cat lovers! It’s the ‘purrfect’ gift for any cat lover and especially one with more than 1 cat. They will surely love the all these interactive tools in one set that will give their pets unlimited playtime while sharpening their cats’ predator instincts and hunting skills. Buy this amazing gift along with Catnip Spray by SunGrow to rejuvenate toys to entice your pets and keep them engaged.

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