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6 Cholla Wood Pieces for Air Plants

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6 Cholla Wood Pieces for Air Plants - Safe and Natural Home for your Tillandsia plants - Organic 2” long and 1.5” wide Indoor or Outdoor Garden Decoration - Low Maintenance and Fun to Customize

  • READY TO GO AND GROW --- Depending on your air plant’s final home, you have little to no prep work. As soon as you receive your cholla wood pieces from SunGrow, you’re ready to go and watch your air plant grow. These 6 pieces of 2” (5cm) long cholla wood have hollow centers and a diameter of 1.5” (3.8cm).
  • WORKS GREAT WITH BOTH INDOOR AND OUTDOOR GARDENS --- Naturally grown and pesticide-free, the genuine cholla wood pieces are actually the dried husk of the cholla cactus. As an organic element, these decorative fragments of cholla wood look and handle wonderfully in both wet and dry environments and indoor and outdoor settings.
  • FUN TO PERSONALIZE FOR A CREATIVE GIFT --- The all natural cholla wood pieces have a raw, rustic appearance that makes them perfect for using as a base in your very own DIY project. Children love to paint these textured pieces of wood to create fun, personalized gifts such as adorable air plant pots or candle holders. Hobbyists like to maintain the organic beauty and use them without any paint to add a more South-western character.
  • ADD GREEN TO HOME WITH A LOW-MAINTENANCE PLANT --- Easy to care for air plants or bromeliads present best in a home that is equally as easy to maintain. The attractive cholla wood vessels require almost no maintenance. If you plan to use them in an underwater environment, it is recommended to rinse, boil and soak the cholla wood pieces before installing them.
  • USE TO CREATE A UNIQUE HABITAT --- You don’t have to be an expert horticulturist to care for a thriving air plant or bromeliad making them an excellent living decoration in any home or office. Adding bright and eclectic air plants into the centered hollow of the simple and stylish SunGrow Cholla Wood is an easy way to bring life to a bedroom, tabletop or lobby. They even look great in vibrant aeriums, fish aquariums, shrimp tanks and more.

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