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5 Piece of Non-stick Cat Litter Scoop: Manages Big Clumps of Multi-cat Families, No Wrist Pain or Hand Fatigue, Industrial-Grade Aluminum Alloy, Family Heirloom

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2-Minutes to clean a litter box - Easy sifting with Anti-Scatter sides - Indestructible Industrial Grade Stainless-Steel, family heirloom
  • BEST CLUMP/POOP REMOVER --- With SunGrow's Cat Litter Scoop, you can easily remove large clumps and cat poop from the litter box effectively. The flat-edged steel blade can be used as a hand-held hoe or a garden trowel too. You can also use it for sifting seashells at the beach. It is a quick and easy solution to picking up small things.
  • MADE OF CORROSION-RESISTANT STEEL --- SunGrow has designed a long-lasting and durable Cat Litter Scooper just for you! The 6.1"" shovel is made of a corrosion-resistant and stain-resistant steel that offers complete resilience to the acidic urine of the pet. The wide scoop mouth and generous depth allow you to pick large clumps at once and make the daunting task easier.
  • LIGHT WEIGHT, COMFORTABLE GRIP & ANTI-SCATTER SIDES --- In spite of the large size, the SunGrow's Jumbo Cat Litter Scoop is very light weight and its ergonomic 6.5"" rubber handle minimizes the hand fatigue. The easy grip and the user-friendly shape of the handle doesn't allow the shovel to break or bend.
  • KEEPS HOUSE & LITTER-BOX NEAT, CLEAN, ODOR-FREE & YOUR CAT HEALTHY --- The key to a healthy cat is to keep the litter pan clean. The SunGrow Cat Litter Scoop lets you do this job without a hassle. The empty slots separate clean cat litter while the lump stays on the upper part of the shovel. So, keep your home and your little feline's paws free from the unpleasant smell and germs, at all times with this SunGrow litter sifter.
  • DURABLE INDUSTRIAL GRADE STEEL MATERIAL --- Since the shovel is made of steel and handle from high-impact rubber, it conveniently survives accidental bangs and drops on the floor and other areas. So, don't worry about the cracks because it is built to last!

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