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40 pack Aquarium Glass Wipes

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40 pack Aquarium Glass Wipes -- Environmentally Safe Pre-Saturated Wipes - Removes dust, fingerprints & spots - Minimize recurrence - Non-toxic wet wipes - Clean algae from Fish Tank & Terrarium Walls

  • PRE-SATURATED FOR QUICK AND EASY USE --- Since the SunGrow Aquarium Glass Wipes are pre-saturated, there is no need for soap and water. You have everything you need to clean your tank in just one single sheet. Each cleaning wipe is already thoroughly saturated with the necessary cleaning agents for quick, easy usage and disposal.
  • LESSENS YOUR TIME SPENT ON MAINTENANCE --- The awesome aquarium glass cleaning wipes not only clean up any fingerprints, water spots or specks of dust, but also prevent them from reappearing. Be proactive by cleaning the interior of your tank with the wipes before putting in water, fish or plants; this will help prevent excessive algae growth on the aquarium walls.
  • EFFECTIVELY CLEANS A VARIETY OF SURFACES --- More than just aquarium glass wipes, these pre-soaked cleaning cloths can be used on many other surface types as well. Acrylic, glass, countertops, mirrors and more - all can be shiny and streak-free when you give them a quick wipe with the SunGrow Cleaning Wipes. Use on your oscar or goldfish aquarium, turtle tank, reptile habitat or any other surface that should sparkle from a quick cleaning.
  • SAFE FOR THE ENVIRONMENT & YOUR PETS --- The reliable Aquarium Wipes by SunGrow are presoaked in highly effective cleaning products that are non-toxic and environment-friendly. They are completely harmless to your aquatic pets, plants, kids, and family. So simple to use, anyone in the family can grab a wipe and do a quick clean-up.
  • CONVENIENTLY SIZED AND ABUNDANTLY PACKED --- At a practical size of approximately 6” x 8” (15cm x 20cm), the handy glass cleaning wipes can easily be kept nearby your aquarium, terrarium or vivarium. Each pack includes 40 sheets of amazing lint-free and anti-static wet wipes. Simply pull a cleaning cloth from the resealable package and wipe away spots and fingerprints.

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