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4-Pack Sea Sponges for Hermit Crabs

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4-Pack Sea Sponges for Hermit Crabs --- Moisture Cocoon that keeps crabs Moist and Hydrated - Prevents Accidental Drowning and Suffocation - 100% All Natural and Safe

  • SERVES AS MOISTURE COCOON FOR HERMIT CRABS --- Having modified gills, crabs are able to live on land. However, since their breathing mechanism is not lungs, these gills need enough moisture to function well. The 4-pack Hermit Sponge by SunGrow allows our little climber pet a refuge if they feel too dry. These sponges allow your hermit crabs to drink and properly exit their water dishes.
  • AIDS IN MAINTAINING CRABITAT’S PROPER HUMIDITY --- Maintaining proper humidity is essential in a crab’s life in order to survive. The ideal level is about 70 – 80 percent. In nature, Crabs live in a warm and moist type of climate and including a sponge in your crabitat is one way to provide hermit crabs a humid living space. The sea sponge provides a larger surface where water evaporates and retains moisture.
  • PREVENTS ACCIDENTAL & UNTIMELY DEATH --- Hermit crabs simply love to climb. Placing this natural sea sponge in the dish can help them climb in and out which can naturally reduce possible accidental drowning. As these sponges also help in keeping their gills moist, unpleasant death due to suffocation can also be avoided.
  • SAFE AND ALL NATURAL --- These sea sponges come fresh from the ocean and contain natural minerals. As these crawlers are also nibblers, they will consume these sponges over a period of time and these are guaranteed safe with no artificial additives or any harmful materials that can harm them. In fact, this natural source of water facilitates them a quick drink whenever they feel thirsty.
  • DIRECTIONS FOR USAGE --- Pack includes 4 pieces approximately 2 inches long x 1.5 inches wide x 1.5 inches tall.These sponges add to your crab tank’s natural beauty aside from its other functional benefits. In your crab’s water dish, ensure to place the sponge that should take up most of its dish area. Regularly clean the bowl and sponge to prevent build-up of molds and bacteria. To clean the sponge properly, simply put it inside the microwave for 10-15 seconds or dip it in the boiling water.

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