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4 Large Marimo Moss Balls - All Natural 1.5” Round Aquatic Plants for Terrariums - Low-Maintenance, Living Algae for Beginner Gardener - Unique, Exotic Plant for Experienced Horticulturist

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  • ✔ NATURALLY SPHERICAL IN SHAPE --- In nature, marimo moss balls are found rolling around the bottom of lakes and rivers, thus their naturally spherical shape. These round plants start with a diameter of approximately 1.5” (3.8cm) and grow 5mm per year. You should occasionally roll the marimo around in your hands to keep its round shape.
  • ✔ LOW-MAINTENANCE WATER PLANT FOR BEGINNERS --- Young and beginner plant hobbyists are often worried about the survival of their delicate greenery. With the easy to care for marimo moss balls, there are very few requirements leaving little room to make a mistake. Marimo needs room temperature water, indirect lighting and occasional minor maintenance.
  • ✔ UNIQUE ADDITION FOR EXPERIENCED GARDENERS --- More experienced horticulturalists appreciate the unique round shape and “fluffy” texture of the marimo moss balls. The Floro pack of 4 large marimo plants brings a dynamic, exotic feel to your terrarium without adding any more work.
  • ✔ EFFECTIVELY PREVENTS UNSIGHTLY ALGAE --- Just like other living plants, marimo absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen into the water. However; unlike most aquatic plants, marimo also helps eliminate unwelcome tank algae. Marimo itself is actually a rare form of algae that will naturally consume all of the essential nutrients needed by algae, leaving no room for any other algae to survive.
  • ✔ PERFECT FOR CUSTOM DIY DECOR --- These rare aquatic beauties are great for more than terrarium or vivarium decor. The Floro Set of 4 Large Marimo Moss Balls is a stunning, all natural enhancement to do-it-yourself home and office decoration. Adding marimo gives a pleasantly soothing decorative touch.