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3pcs Luffy Java Fern for Betta Owners

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3pcs Luffy Java Fern for Betta Owners -- Creates a Beautiful, Natural Environment for Betta fish - Serves as Living Biological filter - Easy to Care for & Reproduces Fast

  • PERFECT FOR MIMICKING BETTA FISH’S NATURAL HABITAT --- Luffy Java Fern for Betta usually grows at a maximum height of 10 inches. Their leaves are elongated and shaped somewhat like a sword. More than just beautifying the tank, it helps keep an optimum environment for the tropical betta making this a top pick among seasoned betta fish keepers.
  • SERVES AS RESTING PLACE FOR YOUR BETTA --- Bettas are said to have a human-like organ known as labyrinth apart from gills. The Siamese fighting fish need to come to surface when stressed out. They love to hide in the shadow of plants with flowing leaves as they try to evade any threats either real or imagined.
  • ATTRACTIVE LIVE JAVA FERN STRAIGHT FROM PHILIPPINES --- The Luffy Java Fern is beautiful aquarium plant with pronouncedly structured fresh green leaves. Microsorum pteropus “Philippine”, or Philippines Java Fern has “hammered” surface. They are amphibious plants which means they can both thrive in and out of water.
  • ACTS LIKE LITTLE LIVING BIOLOGICAL FILTERS --- They help break down ammonia into nitrates which are less harmful. These plants do an excellent job in maintaining good water quality by keeping toxin levels near zero. Of course, this doesn’t give you an excuse not to change your water regularly. Comes in set of 3, Luffy Java Fern for Betta Fish assures that your tank has enough plants to maintain excellent water quality.
  • EASY TO CARE FOR & REPRODUCES FAST --- These plants require minimum lighting yet can also reproduce fast. Comes connected to a natural coconut husk, it anchors down to your tank for an easy placement.

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