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36 Iron booster Root Tablets for Vibrant Healthy Aquarium Plants

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36 Iron booster Root Tablets for Vibrant Healthy Aquarium Plants - Fertilizer for Planted Tank Substrate - No harmful Phosphate or Nitrate - Prevent Algae - Promote Lush Growth and make tank beautiful

  • PROMOTES VIBRANT AND LUSH GROWTH OF AQUARIUM PLANTS --- Aquarium plants, being another living component of your tank also require essential nutrients in order to grow and remain healthy. Absence of proper fertilization gradually turn their leaves yellow, drop and can even cause death to these lush of greens. Root Tablets by SunGrow contain iron and essential minerals that will make your aquatic plants on a vibrant start and will keep them flourishing through time.
  • DELIVERS LONG-TERM ROOT FERTILIZING --- There’s an incorrect notion that plants take most nutrients through their leaves. Leaves only absorb CO2 and release oxygen. In fact, these aquatic plants do not even wholly depend on water for their nutrients. In order to grow well, their substrate must have good supplements. Essential nutrients are being absorbed by the roots under anoxic conditions found in the substrate.
  • PREVENTS UNNECESSARY ALGAE GROWTH AND GUARANTEES CLEAN WATER --- Excessive presence of phosphate can quickly lead to also an excessive amount of algae growing in your tank. These iron booster pills do not contain phosphate nor nitrates. Aside from preventing unnecessary algae growth, you are assured of contaminant-free water.
  • SAVES MONEY --- The pack of SunGrow Root Tablets has 3-sachets containing 12 tablets each. You may choose to use an essential amount you will need for your tank and this does not require a bag full of fertilizer to cover the base substrate. Use these fertilizer tablets to areas which has plants to reduce wastage.
  • USAGE INSTRUCTIONS --- For every 5 gallons, just add 1 tablet. In order to be completely dissolved, wait for about 4-5 hours. Add half of the previous dosage again once the next water-exchange is done.

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