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30 Naturally Grown, Pesticide-Free SunGrow Alder Cones for Shrimps

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30 Naturally Grown, Pesticide-Free SunGrow Alder Cones for Shrimps --- Lowers pH level, Fight Bacteria and Prevent Fungal Infections in Aquatic Environment - Perfect for both big & small Aquariums

  • NATURALLY LOWER PH LEVELS --- The pH value in an aquarium varies depending on factors such as water hardness, trace minerals and oxygen levels. Use practical SunGrow Alder Cones to lower the pH levels to a safe and satisfactory value.
  • SIZE VARIES BETWEEN HALF INCH TO A FULL INCH --- Because alder cones are naturally produced and not man made, the size of each cone is unique. The SunGrow Alder Cones range in size from around 0.5” up to a full 1” (1.25cm to 2.5cm). As you get 30 pieces in one pack, they enough for even the big shrimp aquariums.
  • PREVENT FUNGAL INFECTIONS BY FIGHTING BACTERIA --- The tannins and humic acids released by the incredible SunGrow Alder Cones provide antifungal properties that fight and help prevent bacteria from growing in your tank.7
  • PERFECT FOR SHRIMP AND OTHER ACIDIC LOVING ANIMALS --- The tannic and humic acids naturally released by the amazing SunGrow Alder Cones create an ideal aquatic living environment for acidic loving marine life such as shrimp, bettas and cichlids.7
  • LOOK AMAZING IN ANY FISH TANK --- Unlike chemical products, biotic SunGrow Alder Cones add a raw beauty to the aquarium. Similar to cones produced by evergreen trees, the alder cones have numerous woody “wings” and are shaped similar to a Christmas tree. Before placing the product in the aquarium, always rinse before adding to the tank. A "post-boil soak" in fresh water with a bag of activated carbon is a recommended step, too.7

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