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3 Leaf Hammocks for Betta Fish

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3 Leaf Hammocks for Betta Fish -- Lightweight and Realistic Resting Spot ( 6.5” x 4.0”) - BPA-Free, Practical, Vibrant Green Bed - Comfortable & Safe - Easily Attaches with included 3 Suction Cup

  • CREATES A SHALLOW BED MIMICKING NATURAL HABITATS --- In nature, betta live in shallow waters and spend a lot of time floating near the surface because (along with gills) bettas also rely on their labyrinth organ for oxygen. Betta fish will surface, stick its mouth above water and suck in air, allowing it to survive in poorly oxygenated waters where other fish could not. Placing the leaf hammock near the surface of the tank gives your betta a place to rest where they are most comfortable.
  • REDUCES STRESS AND IMPROVES HAPPINESS --- By providing your beloved bettas with a pleasant place where they feel secure and which simulates their natural environment, you will ultimately have a happier and more stress free pet. Even if betta is the only fish in the tank, bettas are naturally territorial and on constant guard against trespassers. The fun and functional SunGrow Leaf Hammock gives your betta a sense of security and a convenient place to rest his weary fins.
  • FEATHERWEIGHT, DURABLE AND SAFE, LONG LASTING MATERIALS --- Convenient and practical, the SunGrow Leaf Hammock for Betta Fish is comprised of one plastic, lightweight 6.5” x 4.0” (17cm x 10cm) realistic looking leaf hammock and one reliable 1.4” (3.5cm) suction cup. The materials used are chemical free, BPA free, pet friendly, durable and waterproof.
  • QUICK AND EASY TO ATTACH USING SUCTION CUP --- Using an included small standard suction cup, the SunGrow Leaf Hammock for Betta Fish quickly and easily adheres to the wall of your betta enclosure. It only takes a couple minutes to set up and attach the naturalistic betta bed. Clean the aquarium surface before adding suction cups in the tank for suction cup to hold. It remains securely in place so there is no more maintenance required. Once installed, let your betta enjoy its new resting spot.
  • FUNCTIONAL DECORATIVE ADDITION TO YOUR TANK --- Not only is the betta bed a functional aquarium decor, but it also provides a beautiful, natural looking pop of color in your fish tank. The vibrant green, realistic leaf is lightweight and securely but freely attached to the wall and sways effortlessly with the natural movement of the water. The SunGrow Leaf Hammock for Betta Fish brightens up your tank while serving a valuable purpose for your pet fish.

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