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3 Glass Watering Globes for Plants --- Self-watering System - For Indoor or Outdoor Garden - Decorative Hydro Globe Gardening Solution - Hand-blown glass – Available in Vibrant Red, Blue, Green Color

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  • ✔ KEEPS PLANTS LUSH & HEALTHY --- In watering plants, just putting enough water (never over or under) is giving them the perfect amount to grow healthy. The 3 Pcs Glass Plant Watering Bulbs by Floro are self-watering irrigation system that slowly releases ideal volume into the soil to feed plants, flowers & herbs.
  • ✔ NEVER LEAVE YOUR PLANTS UNATTENDED --- Be a responsible plant parent even when you are away travelling for a week or a month. This watering device is automatic and eliminates unnecessary fear about leaving your plants for days when you are on a business trip or short vacation.
  • ✔ FOR ANY SIZE, INDOOR & OUTDOOR PLANTS --- These glass watering globes suit variety of any potted or hanging houseplants whether indoor or outdoor such as Aloe, Asparagus fern, Peace Lily, Snake Plant, Dracaena, Parlor Palm,Basil, Mint, Money Plant, Chrysanthemum, Ficus, Boston Fern,and Spider Plants among others.Measuring about 6 inches in length and 2 inches in diameter, they fit well too to your variety of greeneries sizes. Just add more of these orbs, for larger plants.
  • ✔ EASY TO USE --- Watering plants never felt as easy as using these mini globes. You just simply fill each bulb with water to the brim and insert into the soil. It will drip down slowly as and when required and you need not pay personalized attention to that. It doesn’t makes a watery mess on the floor as is the case with the traditional watering methods.
  • ✔ ATTRACTIVE & ELEGANT --- A pack of these decorative yet functional self-watering system comes in radiant colors of 1 red, 1 green and 1 blue and will surely add a touch of elegance and a colourful accent to your plant area. Own it for a personal use or gift it to your fellow hobbyist, this definitely serves as a meaningful gift.