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3 Algae Scrub Pads by SunGrow

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3 Algae Scrub Pads by SunGrow -- Remove Stubborn Algae from nooks and crannies easily - Saves time - Creates A Sparkling clear aquarium - Long-lasting Pads

  • REMOVES EVEN THE MOST STUBBORN ALGAE AND DEPOSITS ON AQUARIUM’S SURFACE --- Algae Scrub Pads by SunGrow gives the user hand-held control to deal with not only the most reachable algae on the surface but more importantly it cleans even those that are found in the nooks and crannies of the aquarium.
  • SAVE TIME & CLEAN AQUARIUM INSTANTLY --- As this reliable scrub pad can do the job so easily, you don’t need to spend longer time cleaning your aquarium. So make use of your valuable time enjoying as you gaze to your sparkling clear aquarium.
  • LONG-LASTING, DURABLE SCRUB PADS --- This sturdy Algae Scrub Pads comes in set of 3 and made from coarse-woven fiber making it indestructible and lasts long.
  • 100% SAFE FOR YOUR AQUATIC SPECIES --- The algae cleaning scrub pads are made from non-toxic material. As mentioned earlier, the coarse fiber weaving calls for effortless removal even for the toughest algae. Stay assured that it will not cause harm to your living inhabitants of your aquarium.
  • DIRECTIONS FOR USE --- Always rinse pad with water before and after you use it. Do not use these pads with extreme pressure and never use on any dry surface to avoid scratches.

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