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20 Pristine White Natural Aquarium Seashells

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20 Pristine White Natural Aquarium Seashells -- Provides Calcium, Increases pH in saltwater tanks - 100% Pet-safe & non-toxic - Home decor, Create Beach vibe at home - Ideal for Turtle, Guppy, Molly

  • PROVIDES BENEFICIAL CALCIUM TO YOUR AQUATIC PETS --- One of the key minerals that most fish need to be healthy is calcium; the attractive white sea shells from Luffy are an excellent source of natural calcium. Composed almost entirely of calcium carbonate, these seashells raise the carbonate hardness and buffer the pH levels in your aquarium. Balanced minerals in your water, especially with saltwater fish tanks, is crucial to the health and happiness of your fish.
  • IDEAL FOR TANKS NEEDING HIGH PH LEVELS --- Certain aquariums such as saltwater and alkaline fish tanks have aquatic life that prefer higher levels of pH in their water. Such fish include kissing gourami, african cichlid, guppy, molly, platy and many more. Adding Luffy White seashells is an excellent, all natural way to add beauty and pH to your unique underwater environment. For fish tanks that prefer high pH, these are the ideal accessory for your aquarium.
  • REFLECTS LIGHT FOR PHOTOSYNTHESIS --- Lightly colored aquarium substrates like the white seashells from Luffy increase the PAR value of your fish tank water. The PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) value is basically the amount of light that penetrates the water column becoming available for your aquatic life such as coral and plants to use in the photosynthesis process. These shells have been shown to increase the PAR value by 30% encouraging a successful, thriving underwater habitat.
  • GREAT FOR TURNING YOUR AQUARIUM INTO MORE LIKE A BEACH --- Adding these Seashells will remind you your last beach trip, probably a relaxing and fun adventure. Imagine the turquoise blue ocean and white sandy beach right inside your home. Feels like escaping the city even you are actually living in one while mesmerizing your aquarium with Luffy White Seashells.
  • MORE THAN JUST AN AQUARIUM DECORATION --- Reminiscent of the stunning sea shells on the beaches of Hawaii or the Caribbean, the white scallop shells from Luffy are more than just a mineral rich, visually appealing enhancement to your aquarium. These sturdy and pretty shells are also a unique, stylish addition to crafting projects such as picture frames, shadow boxes, handmade gifts and one-of-a-kind home decor.

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