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5 Mice Catnip-filled Cat Toy --- Boosts Natural Hunting, Pouncing Instinct - Interactive, Durable, Safe to Chew - Sound of Bell Thrills - Promotes Agility, Coordination - Fun for Hours

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✔ 5 NATURAL, ORGANIC & POTENT CATNIP TOY FOR CATS --- SunGrow Catnip Toy brings you 5 adorable furry mice filled with pure catnip without chemicals and pesticides. So no toxic chemicals in your cat’s toy. It causes a burst of energetic activity in your feline and you oversee them playing to your heart’s contentment.

✔ BRING OUT YOUR CAT’S NATURAL HUNTING & POUNCING INSTINCT --- The natural looking SunGrow Play-n-Squeak Catnip Toy is a great way to stimulate your kitten mentally and physically. The mice look real and cats love to toss, chase, carry around and gorge upon them. These are lightweight, perfectly sized and provides them hours of fun, being a natural outlet to their preying instinct.

✔ BRING THE WILD INDOORS & ENRICH THE LIFE OF YOUR CAT --- The mouse hunter catnip toys keep your cat engaged and entertained for long hours. They hunt, chase, pounce and stalk the toy with glee. With the daily usage of the toy, they learn agility, coordination, and social skills. Playing with these catnip filled toys also relieves your cat of anxiety, stress, and boredom.

✔ THE 100% RECYCLED PLASTIC-SOFT FABRIC AND BELL MAKE IT A GREAT TOY --- The fluffy fiberfill is made from 100% recycled plastic which makes the outer covering of the toy so soft. Your kitten could use it either as a chew or active play toy or a comfort toy. The catnip is added to attract the cat towards the toy. Also when batted, the bell inside the toy makes a  ringing sound for an instinct fulfilling play experience that cats won’t be able to resist.

✔ DURABLE & ECONOMICAL --- The small fluffy, furry mice toys by SunGrow is made of earth-friendly products which make it durable. This 5-pack product also saves your carpet, drapes, curtains and other items of home furnishing from getting chewed by your feline which saves your furniture while being economical and complete value for money.

Product Description:

Cats - big or small, indoors or outdoors need stimulation and exercise just like humans. SunGrow Catnip Toy brings a pack of 5 fluffy, furry real-looking mice filled with catnip that is adored by cats completely. Your feline friends won’t be able to resist the natural white and grey colored furry mice that are filled by their natural drug. It helps to keep them physically fit and enriches the pet’s quality of life. At the same time, it fosters a healthy relationship between the pet and their parents.

SunGrow has used a naturally organic, pure and potent catnip to fill the cat’s toy. Also, the outer covering of the mouse is done by recycled plastic. So, it is a natural toy and will pose no harm to your little feline creatures.

Cats are said to have two habits namely preying and pouncing. They need mental stimulation from play to not get bored and to fulfill their hunting instincts. With this extremely durable toy, they can satiate their hunting and pouncing needs. They can grab the toy from their natural fur or tail of the mouse. The best part is that these all-time kitty’s favorite and genuinely looking mice provide hours of exercise, fun, and frolic. They love to bobble, bat and carry their fun catnip toys all around the house.

The catnip toy for cats by SunGrow comes in sealed plastic so it doesn’t pick up dirt on the natural color while on the way to your home.

Add the mushy soft little catnip toy in your cart and your cat will love you all the more!

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