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12 Filter Pad Refills for Power Filter

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12 Filter Pad Refills for Power Filter --- Fish, Plants get clean water throughout - For Optimal Performance & Highest Quality Aquarium Water - To be used with SunGrow 3-Stage Filtration System

  • PET AND ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY MATERIALS --- To be used in conjunction with the SunGrow Power Filter, a 12 pack of ready-to-use, pre-assembled filter cartridges is highly recommended. The dual-sided filter pad refills are made with carbon activated biochemical cotton pads surrounded by top-notch plastic edges for maximum durability. These materials are safe for your pets, plants and the environment.
  • PROLONGS THE LIFE OF YOUR POWER FILTER --- Clean, fully functioning filter cartridges are crucial to the performance of your SunGrow Power Filter. Regularly replacing the filter pads not only provides your fish with cleaner, safer aquarium water; it prolongs the life and improves the efficiency of your filtration system as well. And with these at hand, you will never go out of replacement pads because a pack contains 12 pads.
  • KEEPS AQUARIUM WATER CLEANER & CLEARER --- The SunGrow Power Filter Pad Refills are created to ensure maximum water to carbon contact creating an even distribution of activated carbon. The odor reducing cotton filter catches fish waste and other debris while the activated carbon removes water discoloration, toxins and impurities. The ultimate result is crystal clear, healthy aquarium water.
  • PROMOTES HEALTHIER & HAPPIER AQUATIC LIFE --- From freshwater community fish tanks filled with guppies, tetras and danios to unique saltwater aquariums and shrimp tanks, the SunGrow 3-Stage filtration system and corresponding filter pad refills provide your fish with a cleaner, more desirable living environment. By filtering out harmful toxins and unwanted debris, your underwater pets and plants live longer and healthier lives.
  • INSTALLS WITH VERY LITTLE EFFORT --- Designed to fit smoothly into the SunGrow Power Filter, the replacement cartridges are the perfect size of 2 ¾” x 5” (7cm x 13cm). Installing the new filter pad is so easy, it literally only takes minutes to replace your aquarium water filter cartridges, which should be done every 2-3 weeks depending on your tank’s specific needs.

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