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110-volt Heat Light Fixture for Reptiles - Unique 360° Rotating Lamp Head

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110-volt Heat Light Fixture for Reptiles -- Unique 360° Rotating Lamp Head - Securely Clamps or Hangs in your Turtle, Snake, Lizard or Amphibian Tank - Reliable & Easy to Use - Bulb not included


  • UNIVERSAL ROTATING LAMP HEAD --- Convenient and versatile, the lamp head on the SunGrow Heat Lamp Light Fixture rotates up, down, left and right. It gives you the freedom to adjust a full 360° depending on your pet’s needs and desires. Some pets prefer direct light to heat them up while others only require subtle lighting. The rotating head allows you to aim the light at different angles for different situations.
  • SECURELY CLAMPS OR HANGS IN YOUR TANK --- There are a couple options when it comes to inserting your 6.5” (16.5cm) high by 3” (7.5cm) wide SunGrow Light Fixture into your tank or pet house. The secure clamp design allows you to clip it to the edge or suspend it from a perfectly sized hanging hole in the back of the clamp. The heavy duty, yet lightweight clamp opens to a full 2.5” for thicker tank edges.
  • CERTIFIED RELIABLE COPPER WIRING --- The amazing light fixture from SunGrow is safe and has reliable copper wiring which carries a greater current than its competitors. For added confidence, the lamp clamp has conformed to all the safety protocols required to receive the respected CE certification and UL Listing. This means it has passed the Standards for Safety published by Underwriters Laboratories.
  • TEMPERATURE-RESISTANT CERAMIC SOCKET --- Because the ceramic socket of the SunGrow Heat Light Fixture fits many different types of bulbs, there is not a specific bulb included. A variety of light bulbs and tubes will fit within the 4.33” (11cm) long by 2” (5cm) wide lamp head. The dependable ceramic socket is temperature-resistant and the depth can be adjusted for elongated bulbs.
  • SIMPLE TO USE ON/OFF SWITCH --- Attached to the handy light fixture from SunGrow is a long, safeguarded cord with an easy-to-use on/off switch. This convenient click switch helps troubleshooting any problems. If the switch is in the obvious “on” position and is securely plugged into a working outlet, it is most likely a burnt out bulb.

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