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100 Packets of SunGrow Dog Clickers with Wrist Bands - Colorful & Practical Set of Simple, Convenient & Effective Training Tools for Puppy or Cat - Humanized Scientific Professional Design - Perfect Size & Sound - 7 Pieces per packet

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7 Dog Clickers --- Train pets easily - Loud enough not to scare pet - Wrist strap,a BONUS - Portable, Carry wherever you go - Big button require small thumb pressure - Sturdy and Lasts long

  • A MUST-HAVE DEVICE FOR EFFECTIVE SOUND TRAINING --- The durable, plastic and extremely portable SunGrow Dog Training Clicker functions perfectly as a useful sound training tool. Train your dog to fetch, roll over, shake, quiet down and more with the easy and efficient SunGrow Dog Clicker. Consistency is crucial in training your dog and having numerous clickers in different areas helps you be prepared and increases the success of the sound training.
  • PACK OF SEVEN MEANS YOU'LL NEVER BE WITHOUT --- Keep one in your purse, one in your vehicle and one in the kitchen and you still have 4 more to put on various places. It's practical as well as economical. With seven SunGrow Dog Clickers, you will never miss a chance to train your pet.
  • CONVENIENT KEYCHAIN AND WRIST ATTACHMENT --- Comfortable and secure, the dog clicker is attached to a standard keychain ring and elastic bracelet. Wear it on your wrist, hang it up or attach it to your handbag for quick, easy access.
  • A VARIETY OF BRIGHT, PLAYFUL COLORS --- Green, red, orange, blue, purple and more, the Pack of Seven lightweight SunGrow Dog Training Clickers comes in an array of bright, vibrant colors.
  • SMALL SIZE ELIMINATES POTENTIAL CONFUSION --- Dogs and puppies that are being newly trained may get confused if they see what is making the noise. They might confuse the audible signal with a visual cue in that case. The discreet SunGrow Dog Clicker conveniently fits in the palm of your hand, eliminating any unnecessary complications.

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