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100 Betta pH Test Strips

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100 Betta pH Test Strips --- Ensure maximum comfort for fish & invertebrates - No complicated setup required - Just dip & read - Must have aquarium item by SunGrow

  • KEEP TANK PH LEVELS SAFE — Test your aquarium water to make sure it isn't too alkaline for your fish. Tropical fish like Tetra, Betta, Barb, Catfish, Bichir and Corydoras like pH in range of 6.5 to 7. A tank with higher pH may cause freshwater fish to be irritable or even fall ill. Ensure your tank’s pH is correct with the test strips. In case it pH is higher, use SunGrow Mini catappa leaves to lower the pH.
  • QUICK & EASY — Just take a bit of your tank water, dip one SunGrow pH Test Strip in it and shake off any excess water. Make sure both colored sections are covered with water. Wait for two seconds until the colored sections change, then compare it to the color scale for your results. It’s a must-have item to start your very own home aquarium laboratory kit.
  • MULTIPLE USES — This pack of 100 SunGrow pH Test Strips is suitable for resting a very wide range of products, including Soaps, aquarium water, drinking water, fruits and fruit juice, milk, oven cleaner, aquarium solutions, tea, soft drinks, urine, vinegar and bleach.


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