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10 Natural Driftwood Strings (20”)

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10 Natural Driftwood Strings (20”) - Made with sun dried tropical grass - Self dissolve in 2 months - Ideal Solution for Tying Java Fern, Moss, Anubias: Blends Naturally with Cholla and Drift wood

  • SELF-DISSOLVING, PESTICIDE-FREE, ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY AND AQUARIUM-SAFE --- Unlike other options like rubber bands, plastic string or wire, Driftwood Strings are 100% natural, organic and pesticide-free. DOESN'T PRODUCE GLARE OR BLEACH ANY CHEMICAL IN YOUR AQUARIUM. These non-toxic, chemical-free water plant tie lines are safe for the environment, your aquatic pets, and plants and has no negative effect on the mineral levels in your aquarium water.
  • BLENDS TO MATCH THE NATURAL COLOR OF DRIFTWOOD --- All natural driftwood submerged in water produces and releases tannins which in turn creates a light brownish yellow coloring. Although the Driftwood String starts out as a basic white string, once it spends some time attached to the driftwood, the string will begin to take on the color of its background and appear to melt away into its environment.
  • SIMPLE WAY TO ADD COLOR TO YOUR TANK --- If your aquarium is looking a little bit boring or bland and you want to incorporate some color but are not sure how, the practical Driftwood Strings may be your perfect solution. Simply wrap the string around a rock or driftwood already in your tank, attach some java fern, water sprite or Christmas moss and drop it back in. The beautiful green plants will begin to root and grow adding color and life to fish your tank.
  • ACCENTUATE & SECURES LIGHTWEIGHT PLANTS -- There are many benefits to growing moss, fern, anubias and other aquatic plants in your aquarium; these plants offer protection, security and serves as a great egg laying site. The problem is that many of these plants are lightweight and will float around the tank if not properly secured and allowed to root. The Driftwood Strings are the perfect solution to this problem and easily secure these plants to driftwood, stones and even small caves.
  • CONVENIENT PACKAGE OF 10 LONG STRINGS --- One package contains ten individual pieces of natural dried tropical grass strings and each string is approximately 20" (50cm) in length, long enough to securely tie aquatic plants such as ferns and anubias to driftwood, rocks and caves. If you need additional length, two pieces of driftwood string can be tied together for an even longer piece. If the string is too long, it can easily be trimmed down to an appropriate size.

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