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10 DIY Jute hemp ropes for air plant orbs

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10 DIY Jute hemp ropes for air plant orbs --- Ruggedness and stability ensured - Resilient biodegradable twine that will last - Suitable for all types of gardening – Practical gift for all ages

  • DIY STRINGS WITH VARIOUS USES – Like many of SunGrow’s products, these 10 craft ropes were not meant for just a single use or purpose. How about using them to get some enchanting plant orbs to dangle overhead just right in the living room? But don’t stop with interior decorating, try them out in a variety of situations, like with arts and crafts, jewelry-making, and more.
  • ENSURED RUGGEDNESS AND STABILITY– SunGrow’s braided ropes are made in a particular style to build a strong hold when being put into action, giving you the firmness and assurance you need and expect. With it’s tensile strength and flexibility, you will have no problems or second thoughts if, when, and after applying.
  • CREATED TO LAST WITH A LONG LIFESPAN– The average lifespan of a single natural hemp is about 5 years, but 5 years can be a long time to redecorate or reposition those charming pieces of greenery. And we are just talking of 1 rope, you still have 9 others with you, right? Every penny is worth with SunGrow’s thick brown twine.
  • GO GREEN– By nature of its material, these eco-friendly hemps are kind to the environment and help contribute in preserving mother nature and your home. Reduce your carbon footprint and have the peace of mind that comes with incorporating more safe and toxin-free effects into your lifestyle.
  • A PRACTICAL OLDIE BUT TIMELESS GOODIE – A nice and practical gift for DIY and craft enthusiasts of all ages, especially for those who are more inclined towards greenery, gardening, and that chic rustic look. Or why not just have some of this versatile essential for all those ‘just in case’ moments?

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