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SunGrow Giant Catappa Leaves x 600 pcs - Sun Baked Natural Leaves to Breed Live Aquarium Fish & Shrimp

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  • THE UNSUNG HERO IN THE AQUATIC WORLD --- Seemingly simple, the Catappa Leaf (or sometimes known as the Indian almond leaf) is an unsung hero in the aquatic world. It provides shelter, a supplement to their diet, minerals for healing, tannin and humic acids for balanced pH value, and is a fantastic anchor for fishes to attach their eggs to.
  • GIVE PETS A THRIVING NATURAL HABITAT --- SunGrow Catappa Leaves (10" (25 cm)) are a must have for any fish breeder of soft water or blackwater fish such as Bettas, Corys, Plecos and all species of shrimp. You will start to notice your aquarium life interacting with these, within the day these leaves are introduced. Just like they would in their natural habitat.
  • 100% NATURAL, CHEMICAL-FREE, OPTIMUM QUALITY LEAVES --- Products like bottled black-water extracts may contain other chemicals mixed in, that may be harmful to your fish's breed. You could pick the leaves outside but you cannot be sure of the quality and level of contamination they might have. The best assurance for the health of your fish is to use SunGrow Catappa Leaves. They are hand-picked to ensure that every single leaf is of optimum quality.
  • SHRIMPS, FISHES & SNAILS LOVE THEM --- Depending on your tank size and the pH level needed, drop a few leaves into your tank (If you want to be exact about the pH level, you can use a pH tester or a drop checker). Over the next few days, the leaves will slowly sink to the bottom. As they start to do so, they will soften and your fishes, shrimp and even snails will start to use the leaves as they see fit. Shrimps have been known to nibble on soft leaf, while fishes sometimes hide under them.
  • ORGANIC BENEFICIAL LEAVES, EASY TO USE --- After a few days, you'll notice your tank water browning. This is tannins being released into the water and is known to contain healing properties. Remove the leaves only when they start to disintegrate. PREPARATION: Before placing the product in the aquarium, rinse before use, even after boiling or soaking. A ""post-boil soak"" in fresh water with a bag of activated carbon is a recommended step too.

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