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Buy 100 Heart Marimos and Get 5 Heart Marimos Absolutely FREE

  • $300.00
  • Save $100

Buy 100 Heart Marimos and Get 5 Heart Marimos Absolutely Free for 300$ Size at about 1.3 cm in Size.
  • ADD CHARM TO YOUR PERSONAL SPACE WITH A RARE LIVE PLANT THAT BRINGS GOOD LUCK --- Marimos are one-of-a-kind live plants native to Japan and are also known as love plants. They are said to bring good luck and prosperity and people often gift it to the ones they love. Luffy Heart Marimo is a highly rare form of marimo plant. Only 1 out of 1000 marimos is a heart shaped marimo.
  • THE ETERNAL PRESENT THAT CAN BE PASSED DOWN TO GENERATIONS AS A FAMILY HEIRLOOM --- The Luffy heart marimo is indestructible because it grows only 5 millimeters per year. With proper care, it can survive even 100 years. This one and only heart marimo souvenir can be passed down to the generations making it an eternal present full of mystery and love.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY LIVE PLANT THAT MAKES A RARE & MEANINGFUL GIFT --- Are you searching a gift for someone who has everything? This is the thing for you. Just like the human heart, the Luffy's heart-shaped marimo too beats. What beautiful way could it be than presenting someone special with a beating heart? Celebrate the special occasions with your grandparents, parents, siblings, teachers, friends or that special someone, by gifting this beating heart shaped marimo to them.
  • PERFECT FIRST PLANT PET--- Luffy Heart Marimo is the perfect first plant pet for kids. With minimal care requirements and simply beautiful look, it provides a wonderful learning opportunity for kids. Many Kindergartens use marimos as plant pets for their students.
  • RARE NATURAL HEART-SHAPED LIVE PLANT WITH GUARANTEE --- We guarantee to deliver you the original and natural heart-shaped live plant. You won't find a heart-shaped marimo anywhere else. We assure you have something that is a complete value for money. And in case you are not satisfied with it for some reason, write to us and we will solve the issue immediately.

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