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Buy 100 Baby Marimos and Get 10 Baby Marimos Absolutely Free

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Buy 100 Baby Marimos and Get 10 Baby Marimos Absolutely Free for 100$
Size ranges from <span>4mm to 8mm) About 0.2 inches

  • PREVENTS NITRATE POISONIG CAUSED BY AMMONIA --- All fish produce ammonia in their solid waste which is discharged through their gills. Over time, this ammonia can build up to toxic levels, eventually causing nitrate poisoning and even death. Charming and productive Luffy Giant Marimo Moss Balls absorb pollutants like nitrates and ammonia and contributes to maintaining healthy nitrogen and phosphate levels in your aquarium water.
  • LARGE SURFACE AREA FOR HEALTHY BACTERIA TO RESIDE --- Growing at about 5 mm per year when properly cared for, these plants can live for as long as a century. Once placed in your fish tank, they immediately begin to filter out the ammonia, phosphates and other debris in your aquarium water. The larger surface area of the marimo provides more space for healthy bacteria to live; this helpful bacteria is necessary to maintain optimal chemical amounts in your fish tank’s water.
  • ABSORBS NUTRIENTS NEEDED BY OTHER ALGAE --- Although commonly referred to as a moss, marimo is actually an algae. Because the Luffy Giant Marimo Moss Balls absorb all nutrients that other algae need to live, having marimo in your aquarium will prevent excess algae from growing. Without all kinds of unwanted algae cluttering up your fish tank, you will spend less time changing your water and more time enjoying your entertaining marine life.
  • LOW MAINTENANCE, BIOLOGICAL FILTER SYSTEM --- Generally, easy to care for Luffy Giant Marimo Moss Balls require biweekly water changes and that’s about it. But if you keep enough of them in the tank, not even water changes are required. These versatile 1.5” (4cm) round aquatic plants thrive in room water temperature with indirect sunlight. Tap water is perfect for marimo as they need the minerals that are stripped from filtered water.
  • EXOTIC, ALL NATURAL AQUARIUM DECORATION --- Along with being a highly beneficial addition to your fish tank and the health of your fish, the brightly colored Luffy Giant Marimo Moss Balls also add a vibrant beauty and natural cheerfulness to the underwater atmosphere. Practical with many environmental adaptations, marimo looks and works great in all types of freshwater habitats such as shrimp tanks, fishbowls and decorative glass vessels.

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