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Betta Water Starter - Safe and Natural Water Conditioner

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Betta Water Starter - Safe and Natural Water Conditioner: Calms Betta during Water Change: For Aquarium & Pond: Safe for Live Plants: Develops Betta's Protective Slime Coat with Aloe Vera Extract

  • EFFECTIVE, READY TO USE WATER CONDITIONER FOR BETTA --- Betta are known for being able to survive in small spaces, but in order for your betta to be healthy and happy, you need to provide them with the proper water quality. Harmful chemicals and toxins in untreated tap water can cause disease and even kill your betta fish. The most simple and effective way to ensure clean water in your betta tank is to treat it with fast-acting SunGrow Water Conditioner for Betta Fish.
  • NEUTRALIZES CITY AND WELL WATER --- If you are using tap water to fill your betta fish tank, it is crucial that you use a water conditioner. City water may contain harmful toxins such as ammonia, chlorine and chloramines while rural well water often contains nitrates and heavy metals such as copper. The awesome all-in-one formula in the SunGrow Water Starter fully detoxifies your tap water and removes all of these unhealthy chemicals.
  • CALMS AND HEALS YOUR BETTA FISH --- There are many situations that can cause stress to your betta fish. All good betta owners know that reducing the amount of stress, their betta will remain healthy and happy. Fast-acting and effective SunGrow Water Starter conditions new water so betta fish aren't shocked when introduced to a new environment or during a water change.
  • INCLUDES HIGHLY BENEFICIAL ALOE VERA EXTRACT --- The safe, all natural formula used in the SunGrow Aquarium Water Starter for Betta Fish includes the powerful and incredibly beneficial ingredient - aloe vera extract. Unlike chemical-based water stabilizers, this harmless solution made from aloe vera provides your betta fish with all the benefits without any potential side effects.


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