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SunGrow Teething Treat Ball for Dogs, Interactive Pet Training Toy, Durable, Rubber Tooth Cleaning Toy, Boredom Buster & for Physical & Mental Stimulation, 1 Piece

Dental Chew Treat Ball for Dogs & Cats by SunGrow: Interactive Pet Training, Durable, BPA-Free, Non-Toxic Natural Rubber Tooth Cleaning Toy

  • PREVENTS YOUR PET FROM CONTRACTING ORAL DISEASES --- The SunGrow Dental Chew Ball is made of flexible rubber with splits. So, whenever your pet’s teeth go into these grooves, the small spikes serve as a brush to clean their teeth and massage the gums. Consequently, it reduces the dental plaque and tartar and increases the endurance and strength of the enamel. Therefore, you can protect your pet from contracting several oral diseases.


  • MADE FROM NON-TOXIC RUBBER & NON-ABRASIVE SAFETY MATERIAL --- SunGrow Dog Treat Ball is made from non-abrasive and non-toxic natural rubber that is completely safe for your pets to bite or chew. Since this IQ Dog Toy is made of natural rubber, it is bouncy strong, durable, and bite-resistant.


  • KEEPS YOUR PET PHYSICALLY & MENTALLY FIT --- To keep your pet physically active and mentally stimulated, use the SunGrow Dental Chew Treat Ball as a fetch ball. It will help in promoting endurance and strength of the animal and serves as a healthy outlet for instinct and energy. It is the playtime which keeps the pet healthy and without toys, they may indulge in destructive behavior.


  • DISCOURAGES DESTRUCTIVE BEHAVIOR --- Dogs and cats often resort to destructive behavior to relieve stress and loneliness. The bright green color of the the SunGrow Dog Toy arouses pet’s interest easily and kills their boring time. When you indulge them in this toy, stay assured that your home furnishing products like carpets, wooden interiors and curtains are saved from destruction. When you have this, you get a chew toy, gum massager, and teeth cleaning toy, all-in-one.


  • ULTIMATE BRAIN TEASER WITH HOURS OF FUN --- The sawtooth anti-skid design of the SunGrow Dog Ball is ergonomic. Bond with your pet pal as you interact and play by putting some treats in the central hole or in the sawtooth part. Let your dog or cat toss, chase, and have fun with the ball. This will help in building healthy teeth and massage the gum. It will even promote pet’s intelligence.
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