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Betta Carpet by Luffy – Thrive with Minimal Care

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Betta Carpet by Luffy – Lush Green Landscape in Aquarium - Natural Habitat for Betta - Create a Moss Carpet - Thrive with Minimal Care

  • BEAUTIFUL MOSS CARPET --- Transform your aquascape into a captivating scene out of the legendary plains of Iceland with these emerald green, lush Luffy moss on a metal carpet mesh sheet measuring 3.5" by 2" (9 cm by 5 cm). This won't fade in water and gives a lifelike natural look that you and your aquatic pet will surely love.
  • FAVOURED BY BETTA FISH --- Luffy Moss Carpet has a naturally finer texture than other moss, This makes it soft and comforting for betta fish. They will enjoy swimming and gently brushing over the surface of your moss. This will serve as an excellent playground for your aquatic pet which adds extra fun. This never withers and can add a green vibe to your plain backdrop.
  • MARIMOS MOSS AS A NATURAL FILTER --- Marimo’s are the ideal moss to add to your aquarium, as they won’t cause algae in your betta tank. The Marimo Moss balls can actually act as a natural filter as they use decomposed floating particles as a source of food. Guaranteed 100% natural moss.
  • BENDS AND FOLDS --- The flexible metal mesh curves to cover any surface, from rock floors, to wall structures, artistic sculptures, and even driftwood. You are free to be creative and enjoy decorating your aquascape as you’ve always wanted it to be.
  • MINIMUM MAINTENANCE, MAXIMUM MERRIMENT ---- Marimo Moss balls can be broken apart and shaped into smaller sections, place over your desired surface and watch as they continue to grow. They will create a beautiful aquascape with minimal work . Isn’t it awesome to know that now you can decorate your fish tank with minimum responsibility and maintenance.

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