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12 Mylar Cat Crinkle Balls by SunGrow

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12 Mylar Cat Crinkle Balls by SunGrow : Shiny with Interesting Crinkly Sounds : Keep pets Entertained for hours: Soft, lightweight and fun toy for both Kittens & Adult Cats : Safe for your kitty

  • SHINY MYLAR TEXTURE--- The Mylar material has a reflective metallic surface similar to aluminum foil. It’s shiny, yet soft and is very attractive for your cat.
  • CRINKLY SOUNDS--- Your kittens and cats will go wild for these little crinkle balls. Their sensitive ears will pick up the crinkly sound the ball makes every time they play and pounce on it.
  • INTERACTIVE AND ENGAGING--- These SunGrow Mylar crinkle balls will keep your cats entertained for hours. Giving them exercise and an outlet, which will make even the most bored cats happy!
  • SMALL SIZE SUITABLE FOR ALL CATS--- The ball measures 1.5 inches, making this toy perfect for all sized cats. Watch as your littlest kitten or aging feline enjoys pouncing and chasing these crinkle balls.
  • BRIGHT AND SAFE COLORS--- These crinkle balls come in a variety of bright metallic colors that are completely pet safe. Even when immersed in water, the dyes will not come off.

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