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Spinner Toy for Cats by SunGrow - Irresistible Spinning Butterfly

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Spinner Toy for Cats by SunGrow: Irresistible Spinning Butterfly: Provides Ultimate Stimulation and Entertainment for Cats- Perfect for High Energy Kittens

  • LIFELIKE SPINNING BUTTERFLY--- This spinning butterfly mimics the sound and movement of a real butterfly, which your pet cat will absolutely love. Watch your cat try to grab the fluttering wings with their paws.
  • PROVIDES HOURS OF STIMULATION--- Bored cats will scratch furniture and floors, and become really cranky if they aren't stimulated. Keep your cat physically and mentally stimulated with this exciting spinner toy.
  • ENGAGE CAT'S NATURAL INSTINCTS--- This toy has been tried, tested and approved by all types of felines. From Abyssinian, American Shorthair, Birman, Maine Coon, Oriental, Persian, Ragdoll to Siamese. This toy will bring out their natural pouncing instincts.
  • EASY TO OPERATE--- Simply place 1 AAA battery in the underside of the toy, and switch the button to ON. Even your kids can operate this toy easily and enjoy bonding time with the family pet.
  • FUN AND COLORFUL TOY--- This toy has a bright green base, with a flower on top. The butterfly is a bright yellow and black color, which is fun, eye catching and entertaining for your cat.

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